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Energy & carbon

The construction sector is a key contributor to energy consumption and green-house gases emissions worldwide. For that reason, its role in energy transition and decarbonisation is major. Impacts on the environment happen during the whole life cycle of the building: construction, operation, and even deconstruction. Saint-Gobain, as a building materials manufacturer, is deeply engaged in this transition, to ensure we work with our customers to build better for the planet.

How to build better?

Several strategies can be applied to reduce buildings' impact on energy consumption and carbon emissions, and they should all be considered when working on a new project.

Increase energy efficiency

To decrease the electricity consumption during the building's lifecycle and reduce the associated carbon emissions

Reduce embodied carbon emissions

To supplement the reduction of operational carbon

Increase the use of renewable energies

To supply the remaining energy need with reduced carbon emissions

Sequester atmospheric carbon

To ensure buildings have a positive impact on their environment.